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Almost Famous - with Guest Blogger ANDREA!

Hi there! It’s Andrea here and I’m taking over the keys for Maggie for a bit to set the scene on our day today! Let’s flash back about 13(ish) years ago to where a little advice column called Love Letters would be an integral part of my morning routine, now fast forward to this afternoon where Mags and I were interviewed by the one and only Meredith Goldstein, the author of previously mentioned column, and the host of her own Love Letters Podcast. So, you’re probably wondering how we made it from point A (2005) to point B (11/28/2018), well it started off with your typical 9am Love Letters check and a request from Meredith to her readers to send her an email they had met their partner at work. ::Spoiler alert:: Mags and I met at work. So given the fact that the stars aligned and my favorite advice columnist was asking about a situation that I was intimately familiar with I decided to send her a little note summarizing our story. After a day or two I heard back from Meredith who said she loved our story and asked if I’d be willing to chat with her podcast producer Amy. Amy and I played a bit of tag but eventually we chatted for 15-20 minutes about the story and at the end of it she proclaimed, “Hey! Do you think your partner would talk to us too?”—at that point I immediately signed Maggie up for a date with the Love Letters Podcast. That date, occurred today, at the Boston Globe offices, around a tiny table with 3 microphones and Amy in the producers seat. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogger, Mags.

Hi. Mags again. Before entering the Globe offices, I snapped a few photos to memorialize the experience in the event that our story didn’t make it out of the studio. I’d guessed we’d be in and out in an hour and was surprised to realize that 2 hours had flown by at the time we were leaving. Andrea later asked what my favorite part of the experience had been and I replied that it had been seeing Andrea step outside of her comfort zone. The girl I’d met in 2005 would never had recorded a podcast. Or dated anyone she worked with. So there’s that. Andrea’s favorite part of today was reminiscing on our journey together, which, in addition to seeing Andrea behind a mic was a definite high point. Gretchen Rubin writes, “The days are long but the years are short.” It’s true - time has this way of getting away from us and we don’t always have the opportunity to take step back and look where we’ve come from - where we’ve been.

Andrea again, I loved telling our story, and looking across the table at the woman who I love so much, who has shared so many memories with me, so many laughs, quite a few tears and some incredibly tough moments. Our story is one of believing in the universe taking care of us, of throwing caution to the wind for the sake of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a story I never would have entered because I was too scared, luckily I had the clarity of mind to step into that darkness and be pleasantly surprised that risks aren’t always the end all and be all, like telling our story to two complete strangers and their anonymous audience.

Mic drop. I mean really. What can I add to that?! Our podcast should air in March. I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat until then. So I leave you with this - - tonight we ate dinner in our town and there was a magician there. Andrea’s a sucker for magic tricks. At one point, she held two small, foam bunnies in her hand and when she opened her hand, numerous bunnies burst forth. I think that’s a good analogy for what Andrea was saying above. (Truth, I love a good magician. They make you suspend belief, they make you less cynical, rules don’t matter and you’re left in awe. -Andrea)

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