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Months ago, Andrea said, “Yes. Let’s buy a house on the water.” She noted that life seemed kind of pointless, but added she wasn’t depressed. Both of which are, and can be, true.

But Andrea didn’t want to buy a house on the ocean (hurricanes, global warming, etc.). Which is how we ended up with a home on a river.

It’s not like we believed that life would seem less pointless once we did this but we believed hanging onto all our money was pointless.

“My 401k has lost 15%,” Andrea said yesterday. I haven’t looked at my 401k because it’s not as if I’ll be able to do anything about it. My 401k has been through worse - 2008.

Back to the river house, Wrigley would have loved it. But he never saw it. Which, in a strange way, reinforces Andrea’s point.

I’m not depressed either. Just tired. Last week left an awful lot to be desired. I walked into a spare room on our 2nd floor and water was dripping from the ceiling in 2 places and trickling through a 3rd spot - a light fixture. We shut the water off in our upstairs bathroom as well as the electricity to that part of the house before heading to the river cottage to work there. Days prior, we had learned the heat wasn’t working at the cottage. So it was a brisk visit. Everything takes longer to do there than I anticipate, which is typical for me.

The electrician came out, and the plumber, and someone to take a look at the damage the water did - which we’re told is over $5k so we have filed a claim with our insurance company. The HVAC guy went to the cottage and is returning this coming Thursday. Everything can be fixed - for a price.

Well. Almost everything. Recently, Wrigley slowed. His annual trip to the vet included geriatric lab testing. The results were great. He worsened. By Tuesday evening, we had to take him to the emergency vet - our own vet hadn’t been able to see him until today. They evaluated him and the CT scan revealed that he had a mass in his heart & a pericardial effusion. Bad. All of it. Even if we had the fluid drained and taken him to a cardiologist, we’re talking 0-1 months. So we said goodbye to him - he was 11 years, 11 months & 1 day.

My book is available for a presale campaign through 12/18. Because my book is being published by a hybrid publisher, presale, in this case, is like a fundraiser to bring this book to fruition.

There are 38 days left in 2022 & this has been an interesting year. I can’t wind down a year without calling to mind this quote by Zora Neale Hurston: “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

I feel 2022 answered in a big way - but I’ll unpack that another day in another post.

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