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Delicate Fabric

Enough: Examine What You Tolerate, Stop Playing Small, And Take Action


Does the thought of saying "no" in the workplace make your stomach tighten?

Does setting and holding healthy workplace boundaries feel out of reach? Do you worry that prioritizing self-care makes you appear selfish? Does the fear of saying the “wrong” thing or being misunderstood hold you back from speaking up? Do you feel tired from working at a perfectionist level?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this book is for you! These are common challenges facing professional women in today’s workplace. This book elevates women’s voices, shares the challenges they have experienced, and offers practical, actionable, proven solutions to enhance their work/life integration. Throughout the book, we are introduced to working women from various industries and backgrounds who have said “enough”. The women in this book have pushed back against the status quo, against leaders in their respective workplaces to create healthy, work-life integration.

And you can too.

If you’re a people leader, human resources professional, or a CEO, who’s asking, “when will things return to normal?” This book will challenge you to think innovatively. Business as usual is not meeting the needs of your employees, they are asking for more. This book will help leaders deliver what their employees have been asking for.

If you want to learn to say “no” with ease, set and hold healthy boundaries, use your voice, let go of perfectionist tendencies, and more, read this book to learn how to revolutionize your life.

Enough Book Cover Image

Enough: Stop Playing Small, Examine What You Tolerate, and Take Action

by Maggie H. Smith

Delicate Fabric

"I feel fortunate to have previously worked with Maggie - it means I KNOW that every word she writes is truly reflective of the excellent, empathetic and energetic person and professional this book shows her to be. Everyone should give it a read and some reflection - it's an accurate description of current workplace challenges and opportunities for all of us to be better."


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