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Keeping it Real

It occurred to me after I pushed the publish button on yesterday’s post that perhaps some people may be aghast at the fact I simply stepped over cat vomit on my way out the door rather than pause to clean it up. If you are one of those people, cut the shit. Some days, you side step the vomit so you keep moving forward. Other days, you’re all over it and leave your home tidy while you cooly back out of your driveway for work versus flooring it in reverse over a foot of snow. Other days? You cough so hard that perhaps you pee your pants just enough to curse middle age under your wheezing, ragged breath. Sometimes, you forget to cancel your Bootcamp class reservation so you pay $25 for the privilege of lying in bed, looking at the ceiling and sucking on a cough drop. Insult to injury. I love me some Facebook. Everyone masquerading as put together adults. So boring. I was once meeting with someone who stood up and said, “Excuse me. I have a wedgie.” And they rectified that situation then and there and I thought, “You’re my spirit animal.” Around Christmas time, my boss gave me a sheet of stickers that were designed the reward yourself for adulting - putting on pants and shaving your legs. And I thought, “Oh honey. If you only knew.” And then I realized and did know which is why we both found the stickers hilarious. Keeping it real. So have a good weekend but tell us about the parts that made it real.  

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