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Being an Adult is BORING

“… so she tells me how she was reaching under her bed for a sweater, which made me feel better that I’m not the only one who has stuff under their bed like some kind of hobo. Although! I looked under our bed the other day when I was looking for the cat – Dex – and it’s spotless under there!” Andrea says.

“Uh huh. Well, that’s because we had the room painted and took care of that then.” Me

“Right.” Andrea says and continues on with her story of this non-hobo who happens to have shit under her bed.

This morning an electrician came out bright and early. I screamed as Andrea pointed out his van and dove to put on a bra. We now own a shiny new breaker. And guess what? That wasn’t the problem. The brand new breaker is tripping too. See, Josh? This is why I wanted your ass over here in April. I’m going to kill you. Just kidding. I don’t have $400,000 pesos. Thank god the GINORMOUS frogs are enjoying the pool. A week or so ago, Andrea was looking out the kitchen window.

“OH MY GOD! SOMETHING HAS FALLEN IN THERE! I HAVE TO SAVE IT!” Andrea shrieked and ran out the back door.

She stomped back in a few moment later.

“There are TWO frogs! And they were doing some naughty frog stuff in the pool!” Andrea said.

Hooray. No saving required.

We had a local plumber out to give us an estimate for central air. Not that we need it – we’re sitting on our deck and I’m wearing a sweatshirt. But we’re just nosy because we have the duct work. It costs more than I’d think. So never mind about that idea. While the guy was here, he pointed out that my six-year hot water heater that was installed in 2008 was likely on borrowed time.

“UGH.” I groaned remembering the time that the hot water heater went out in my Billerica house. So I got an estimate for a new hot water heater while he was here.

Being an adult is boring. I remember several years back when gas prices had been particularly high and a former high school classmate had come across a great gas prices and excitedly posted about it on Facebook. I remember thinking, “Oh my god. Is this what we’ve become class of 1992?!? Jesus. If anyone had told us we’d be excited about gas prices we would have laughed and turned up Guns N Roses even louder.” But there it is – we’re excited about tankless hot water heaters, new appliances and gas prices. Shit.

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