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18 for 2018

I came across the idea of 18 in 2018 from Gretchen Rubin who came across the idea from a listener ti her podcast. The listener, Mary, created her own happiness project by doing 35 things she wanted to do in her 35th year. Gretchen, in turn, decided to adapt the idea for the New Year. If you haven't read Rubin's book, The Happiness Project, it's a great read.

I’m in! 18 in 2018...

  1. Learn how to drive a standard.

  2. Train for and crush this (or at least avoid drowning). I signed up for this earlier this week.

  3. Cancel membership to Boost Fitness. Spend the $ at FA, spin, etc. instead as you train for #2.

  4. Plan and go on a trip with Andrea to someplace we haven’t been yet.

  5. Keep writing AND try art journaling!

  6. Try a spin class at Rev’d and/or CYCL-3 near my office.

  7. Do another run and/or exercise streak of 30+ days.

  8. Cut sugar for 30 days. Kick the sugar-free party off in January. See how that goes. You probably won’t die…. Probably.

  9. Organize your makeup and throw old shit/non-working shit out.

  10. Overhaul household budget with Mrs. Smith in Q1.

  11. Try a barre class at the studio(s) near work.

  12. Andrea and I to implement “Cell Free Saturday” at least once a month.

  13. Meditate. I like the idea of 30-day sprints….

  14. Get together for dinner with your old work pals.

  15. Get a reading (psychic medium) from Regina’s at her place.

  16. Use gratitude journal with more regularity.

  17. Organize a Puzzle Escape night in Hudson, MA.

  18. Work! Delegate when appropriate at work; slow down and cut down on multi-tasking.

I’ll report back on these experiences as I tackle the list. I can practically guarantee that hilarity will ensue. Stay tuned and happy new year!

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