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And Not a Single F was Given

I’ve reached my annual saturation limit with Facebook. I can tell this is the case when I feel like Oprah when I read people’s post or they comment and my response is, “You go to hell! And you go to hell! Everyone goes to hell!"

People are angry. I get that. Thanks, Trump. Congratulations! You’ve united people in rage and your excellent leadership has demonstrated that it’s perfectly acceptable to verbally attack people when we don’t agree with them, even if the disagreement is over a trivial matter. Or have a complete conniption fit in general. I just read that police are trying to identify a man who vandalized a restaurant in Tyngsborough after hearing the kitchen had closed and they wouldn't be able to serve him food. This is beyond hangry.

I was lamenting my Facebook woes to a friend who remarked, “I feel like some people just get on FB and read shit and get worked up and then start fights with whoever they can. It’s like the drunk guy at the bar just looking for a fight.” Preach, girl.

So I’m putting myself on a self-imposed Facebook hiatus which could potentially extend through the entire Trump administration. Or until people can get their shit together and pretend to be polite and civil so really, forever. Before someone has the urge to tell me what a delicate snowflake I am, please see Oprah.

Okay. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, maybe we should all take a moment to at least consider engaging with life the way we did before Facebook. You know. Conversate. Politely inquire as to whatever shaped the opinion the person may stubbornly cling to (I speak from experience of stubbornly clinging to a few of my own). What else did people do? Bake. Read. Exercise. Last week, one of my Facebook memories (I know. I too see the irony of that statement.) was getting accepted to graduate school 3 years ago. This May, a year will have passed since I graduated with my Masters degree and a 4.0 g.p.a. Here’s the point as so eloquently expressed by Gretchen Rubin – so stay with me: “The days are long, but the years are short.” I can’t help but wonder what the people who are disagreeing with me over, say, that it snowed in Boston are spending their time doing. What’s the can they are kicking down the street? And? How the fuck can you argue a FACT like that? Just a question…

Facebook is the ultimate irony. It’s a mirage of friendship that people rely on to dispel the very real feeling of loneliness. I’m a hard core introvert so I don’t often feel lonely. But I can relate to spending too much time in one’s own head. Let’s take my head for instance as it’s familiar terrain. That place is a dangerous neighborhood and I shouldn’t spend too much time in there alone. I spent this past weekend at home and began contemplating mortality which really isn't a mood enhancer unless the mood you're trying to enhance is feeling like shit. Facebook is similar.

So I’m logging off. I’m going to turn my face to the sun, let the shadows fall behind me and set a goal so I have something to kick in the ass. I hope people do the same. Imagine what we would all accomplish if we did that? Or hey, stay on Facebook and criticize the ever loving fuck out of people. We can meet back in a few months and have a conversation. How did that make you feel? How did it enhance your life and the lives of those you care about? Did you lose weight doing it? Did it increase your bank balance? These items, I need to know IMMEDIATELY so please don't wait a few months to tell me. I'll be working on the weight thing so let me know if I can just log on and dispute facts and opinions and viola! Smaller pants size. Right now, someone doesn't understand this entire post. I get that and you know what Oprah never gives away? A single fuck. I'll be saving my fucks for some magical shit, people. Me and Oprah.

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