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March Madness

This week, as we drove around from errand to errand, Andrea was driving on Rt. 2 east with a look of intense calm on her face. We’d been riding in companionable silence for a while, with the “oldies” station on in the background, which earlier in our travels, “I can’t believe that they play Guns N’ Roses on this station - - they used to play Blueberry Hill on here!!” Andrea marveled with a mix of awe and despair.

I interrupted the lull in our conversation to ask, “What are you thinking about?”

Andrea looked a bit sheepish and then said, “I was thinking about which pet would like KISS… I think Dex.”

I burst out laughing and Andrea added, “Kinda silly to admit.” In these moments, I know Andrea and I are perfectly matched. I have similar thoughts and recently came up with an entire (imagined) narrative about how my cat Lola decided to strike out on her own, only to stagger home, with a remnant of a cigarette between her lips, wearing a choker and sporting a “MOM” tattoo on a shaved cat arm. Andrea and I both laughed ourselves silly over this one while Lola gave us withered looks as if she just KNEW we were somehow disparaging her.

In short, winter is getting to us both. We’ll narrowly escape full blown madness. But it’s going to be a close call - - the longer days being the only thing that save us. Certainly, the dirty snow is not a mood booster. This weekend, we looked longingly at our swimming pool and Andrea observed that an icicle was hanging off of the diving board. This is obviously why people take vacations to nice, warm, tropical places during the winter. If you don't, you spend too much time inside, with your pets, and come up with some crazy ass shit. I’m implementing my vitamin d regime, but probably a bit late. Winter often feels like disappointment. I mean – even the cat wants to leave and shake things up with a tattoo and a piercing! Oh wait. I made that part up. Although, she did make a move towards the sliding glass door and contemplated a walk on the wild side.

Take your promise Take your pain Take your restless heart If you go Go all the Don't look back Cause…

- Antigone Rising, "Don't Look Back"

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