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Demon in the Closet

Yesterday, I mentioned that Wrigley enjoys stinky things. He’d roll in road kill if we’d let him, but of course we don’t. We’re buzz kills like that. At a certain point in the fall, Wrigley drags me towards the entrance of Main Street Cemetery. Main Street Cemetery is the “oldest cemetery in town”, dating back to the 1800s. Most of the time, the dog can take it or leave it but his interest is peaked in the autumn. It’s a little strange but I indulge him and marvel at the old headstones and admire the autumn leaves of gold and crimson. It was both cool and humid during our walk and later, the humidity gave way to a cooling mist.

I have the day off and drove Andrea to the airport this morning. She’s off to Richmond until Thursday. At least the basement flood happened before she left. Of course, we now have a whole new flood in the back yard because the fence guys hit a pool line with their shovel. “Happens all the time.” More privilege problems, I know. Thankfully, I’d procrastinated closing the pool. They will pay for the repair, which is great because they didn’t measure correctly so we need to buy more fencing. I’m eager to wrap this project up and bid farewell to these fence guys.

‘Tis the season for horror movies and with Andrea gone, the time is especially right. Due to Andrea’s dislike for horror movies, I fall way behind. I was watching The Boy from the TV in our bedroom earlier today when I heard a scratching sound that grew louder. I crept down the hall to our spare bedroom and it was apparent that the scratching was coming from Andrea’s closet. I softly called out, “Hello…” to the demonic force and a soft, insistent, “meow.” responded. I threw the door open and one of our black cats, Lola, shot out. It was like a scene from a horror movie - - you know, the lead up to the demonic being. I must have shut Lola in there while cleaning her cat box. Which explains why Lola was not first in line for the clean box. Sorry, Lola. But hey! Clean box! Let’s focus on the positive here.

Work has been crazy. I blame the entire lot of it for my twitching eye and poor sleep (No. My poor sleep has nothing to do with my creepy movie watching binge). I’m grateful for the day off although I put in a few hours of work to enable me to keep my head above water the remaining 4 work days.

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