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AH! A Mouse!

Last night, I joined a friend at the movies to see the latest Halloween movie. I loved that Jamie Lee Curtis was back for this one. The body count was much higher in this horror movie than those I usually watch and the invincibility of Michael Meyers required suspension of disbelief (he gets by a car and one scene that would have finished anyone else off, but whatever). Andrea and I have been staying up a little later with Georgie on the scene. At 4 AM, Georgie began raising a ruckus and I slept walked to the living room to take him out so that he could empty his miniscule bladder. I hope his bladder grows soon. At about 5:30 AM, it was as if Wrigley suddenly remembered that Georgie was downstairs and so he began whimpering as if to alert us. Then Georgie began whimpering. Andrea took him out and then, like all parents of 2nd children, tucked Georgie into bed between us so we could all get some sleep before we began our day with a walk.

Andrea and I gave our house a quick pick up and while in our room, Andrea kicked the edge of the area rug back into place as it had gotten folded over. “AH! A MOUSE!” Andrea yelped. I thought she was playing with the cats and one of their toys. I then asked. “A real one?” “YES!” Andrea said. I hustled off to the bathroom to grab a paper towel to pick up the mouse carcass. While I was out of the room, Lola tossed the mouse into the air and Andrea shrieked again. It was a small, grey, deceased mouse. I’m not sure if the cats had killed him off in the basement and brought him upstairs or if he came in through the attic. This is our second mouse ever, my mom spotted a mouse carcass in the basement once. So, I hope that mice are not moving in due to the dropping temperature outside.

Georgie began obedience classes today and got a private lesson since he was the only pupil. Andrea mumbled, impressed, “He may be smarter than Wrigley.” Which is to say that Georgie is a very quick study.

Georgie & Erin

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