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It's Going to Rain Today

Last Saturday, a rainy Saturday much like this rainy Saturday, we took Georgie to the vet where he weighed in at 24 pounds. Andrea had been carrying the dog up and down the steps - - a new workout routine. I am happy to report that since that visit, Georgie has learned to go up and down the steps on his own. As puppies go, I am sure Georgie is typical. It is amazing how soon you forget how wild puppies are. Wrigley was never wild. He was abnormally well behaved. There’s no danger or Georgie ever being classified as “abnormally well behaved”.

I had an appointment yesterday morning and then worked from home. When I arrived home, I was surprised to discover Georgie out of his crate, greeting me at the door. Last week, Andrea and I had discovered him outside of his crate and thought the dog walker had failed to put him back in after his walk. That seemed uncharacteristic but who knows. This particular crate is large and soft sided. We placed him in his crate to eat dinner last night and then waited to see what happened next. Georgie was easily able to manipulate the zipper from inside the crate and pop out. There is a clip that fastens the 2 zipper pulls together and it appears he is unable to work that from inside the crate so score one for the dog mommas.

Like typical, older and more wearied (not wiser) 2nd time parents, we’ve tossed Georgie into bed. The other night, it was Andrea’s turn not to be able to sleep and she announced, “He fell out of bed!”

“Who fell out of bed?” I groggily asked.

“Georgie! Georgie fell out bed! Help him!” Andrea directed since he’d fallen out on my side.

I sleepily slithered out of bed and asked the dog if he was alright and helped him back in. Georgie was fine. Thankfully, he seems made of rubber - - recovering quickly after he played a bit too rambunctiously with Wrigley.

Last night, the rain fell hard and I slipped into a jumbled dream land. I recall that I dreamed the house I was in was filling with water and my dad, long gone, was there as well.

"Broken windows and empty hallways, A pale dead moon in a sky streaked with grey. Human kindness is overflowing, And I think it's gonna rain today." -Randy Newman

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