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2018 in My Rearview

The sun is setting on another year and as usual, I’m wondering how it slipped through our fingers as quick as it did.  I can’t quite let it go until I’ve done some retrospection...

2018 was... a learning process. Or maybe relearning. Full circle. Again. Because I’m a slow learner so it takes me a few go rounds. I’m proud of...I think ultimately relenting to Andrea’s “kid brother!” Campaign. Because it honestly represents discrimination or bias against both short hair dogs and adopting a rescue dog. I’d been reluctant to adopt a dog because i felt you don’t really know what you’re getting. But when do you ever know what you’re getting? Exactly. Slow learner. I’m also proud I raised money for Susan G. Komen by committing to the Falmouth Road race and having some friends do the same with me. Also? Being true to myself and having some god dammed standards in terms of loyalty, work ethic, and that I am the same person I am at home that I am at work. Well. With less swearing. At work I mean. That’s not new but it’s what I am most proud of. Not the not swearing (very much) at work, although I seriously deserve a fucking medal for that. The part about staying to to myself. If you don’t see this as an accomplishment, you might be a fraud. Don’t feel bad - you’re in good company. “To thine own self be true.” -William Shakespeare 2018...I’m letting go of.... resentment and disappointment. Disappointment in myself for not believing someone was who they were when they showed me the first time. But I am thankful that asshat cleared it up for EVERYONE at the beginning of ‘18. It seems I have a little work to do in the resentment department.  In the mean time,  old acquaintance should be forgot, and never brought to mind. 2018... I learned that you can lead and make an impact at work without directly supervising someone. Perhaps even more so. 2019: An intention: To act deliberately when it comes to spending money, fueling my body, being present & setting and preserving boundaries. 2019...A habit I’d like to create: Making coffee at home each day. I’m doing 9 for 2019. Don’t judge. Here goes. 1. Attend a class at Cycle Bar in Milford. 2. Learn to drive standard. There’s this meme going around about how we could cripple an entire generation if we switched to cursive and standard. Har de har. I can write in cursive. 3. Organize the basement and at least one other room. 4. Rent a dumpster to purge the basement (and whatever other room). 5. Remove carpet on steps and at top of stairs. Replace with something because it’s already a recipe for ass busting. 6. Kick our daily, take out, iced coffee habit. Make coffee at home & sweep the $ saved into savings weekly. 7. Break up with sugar for at least 30 days starting in January. 8. Meal plan. Which means bringing my lunch and saving more $ and making good food choices. 9. To spend money on experiences instead of things. That’s a post all its own. Until I get to that, google Cait Flanders. 

Happy 2019!

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