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Sparking Overwhelmed-ness

Lately, Andrea and I have been reorganizing our home, one painstaking drawer, closet or cupboard at a time. If you have ever watched Marie Kondo’s popular Netflix show, they must edit out the people muttering to themselves saying, “Goddammit. Now I have to work on that closet because that’s where this crap really belongs.” Maybe this is because the people are already planning on tackling EVERY part of their home under Marie’s watchful eye. Or then there’s the stuff that you don’t really know where it’s supposed to go at all. Or what it is. Or what that cord once went to. Your home gets increasingly messier as you attempt to find a place for everything. How did we amass this much stuff?!

Andrea indulged me with a trip to The Container Store yesterday so I could purchase a few more small containers in an attempt to tame my stuff. I couldn't help but wonder if The Container Store was experiencing a sales boom, thanks to Kondo. I later read that they're always pretty busy in January due to people setting out to organize their belongings at the beginning of a new year. Still - I have to believe that they too are enjoying a small boom thanks to the show. Thrift stores are another benefactor of the Kondo craze. I haven't dropped any of my items in the purged pile off yet, mainly because I need to find cardboard boxes to contain these items. This means, I have piles of "to give away" crap towering in random spaces.

In no particular order, here’s a list of things that we will never have to purchase again in our entire lives:

  1. Journals. I write off line as well as on and I am going to really need to step up my offline game to work my way through my journal collection. Part of the illogic that plagues me is the fact that these journals are so beautiful, I’m not sure I want to mess them up with their intended use. I know… cuckoo. Notebooks are a close second but I do believe I can work my way through those in my lifetime. I think….

  2. Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters or any other writing implement. My office supply obsession is strong. I even tossed some out.

  3. Bamboo Skewers. I can only surmise that every time the notion for kebabs overtook me at the grocery store, I tossed a packet of bamboo skewers in my cart along with the requisite kebab ingredients. Clearly, a party is in order where we kebab the shit out of everything - - fruit, meats, whatever.

  4. Tealights. Where the fuck did these come? I must have purchased a huge pack. But why?

  5. Water bottles. I purged a few of these. I cannot find the lid for one in particular and I haven’t been able to find a replacement for the lid. So I am holding on to one, lidless bottle. Maybe it will turn up in my bedroom closet that I haven’t yet organized? Who knows.

  6. Coffee Mugs. Travel or otherwise. I had misplaced a lid for one of the travel mugs and ordered a replacement for it online. Then I found the lid inside a strainer in a cabinet. I got rid of some travel mugs and need to go through our regular mugs. Until then, I am fully prepared to host 38 people (give or take a few) for coffee.

I would say books, but that’s just ludicrous. I did recently learn how to check out digital books from the library so maybe that will help?

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