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Throw Words on Paper

This weekend is the writing workshop I’d signed up for at Kripalu. I’ve taken writing courses before and each time I do, I get a little nervous beforehand as if I will immediately be unmasked as a fraud and thrown out. Or made to strip bare and read my writing aloud. Then thrown out. Writing is better, easier, when you don’t think anyone is reading it. To top it off, this course is being taught by a fancy pants writer who just released a new book in January and I believe it’s already a best seller. I would check but confirmation would only make me more nervous so forget it. A writing workshop weekend means a break from the reorganization projects at home. Last weekend we tackled a deep closet in our living room and tossed out 2 bags of trash, most of which was paperwork that had made it into the closet and did not see the light of day for years. Among the trash, we did find a few treasures. One was the Smith Family Commandments, captured by Andrea in November of 2016.

I read them again and they have held up pretty well to date. They are.... 

Thou shall not settle.

Done is better than perfect.

Don’t be a chump ass mother fucker.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Weekends are for wrinkles.

Time is money.

You’re never too busy to crush a pet.

65 to stay alive.

N-o, N-o.

Come over any time. We have to eat/clean the pool either way.

Sometimes all you need is a cuddle & a snooze.

Like Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

A few observations... we have more commandments then the Bible. 8 relates to our thermostat. I can tell you that Kripalu sets their heat decidedly higher. Perhaps they are seeking to add “sweat lodge” to their lists of offerings? Back to the commandments. I feel 3, 9 & 12 could be related. And 1 & 2 now seem contradictory so allow me to explain. 1. Don’t settle for the big shit - spouses, relationships, jobs/companies. 2. This is like “perfect is the enemy of good.”, analysis paralysis and DEFINITELY applies to school assignments. Years ago, I worked for a CEO, Joan, who advised, “Throw words on paper.” Which actually may be great advice to reconsider as I enter this writing weekend, in the sweat lodge. 

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