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In Like a Lion

It is said that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and that held true for me. I awoke before my alarm (unusual) and looked at Andrea saying, “My stomach doesn’t feel right.” Which turned out to be an understatement. Thankfully, I don’t get a stomach bug often - the last time being in 2011. But when I do, I go big! I texted my mom to let her know the end was near. She’s always called me “dramatic” so she didn’t really seem overly concerned  although she did say, “a fever is nothing to fool with.” My fever has passed. My stomach sounds like it has a gremlin in it and this frightened the cat away. Andrea is hunkered down in the guest room in an effort to avoid my cooties. We need to wash our bedding and bleach things once this blows over. Sleeping apart is weird because we only do it when one of us is away on a business trip.  We never sleep apart angry.  This happened once early in our relationship & hasn’t happened since.  I believe this is because we have a very nice mattress Andrea picked out and she definitely does not want to be parted from it.  That and we seldom argue - which is impressive because I suspect I’m a pain in the ass to live with.  Take my being ill for instance.  I’m a big whiner who demands buttered noodles when sick.  Needless to say, this illness ruined my weekend plans. Which may be okay. Andrea briefly left the house this morning as the slow fell and when she returned she announced she’d almost hit the fence. “The new fence?!” I asked. “No - the little fence out front. You can see my tire marks.” Andrea replied. “Oh.” I said, relieved, as I peered out the front window. “That’s okay then.” “What about my car?!” Andrea. Dramatic.  Also - see above regarding pain in the ass to live with. 

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