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Action Today

This morning, Andrea and I caught up on some sleep we had been behind on. Once we did that, we took a cab over to the Churchill Museum which is an underground “bunker” which served as Churchill’s command center during WW2. We had read that it takes 2-hours to tour this space and that was accurate. The space is as it was and also contains a detailed account of Churchill’s life which I knew little about. He sounded like a micro-manager but hey - stakes were high. He worked many hours and expected those working with him to do the same. He adopted the phrase “action today” - and god help you if you disregarded that. Andrea & I walked through St. James Park, across from the museum and then made our way to Covent Garden before taking a long and expensive cab ride back. My feet are tired today - and I’m a bit tired as well in spite of sleeping late. Early rise tomorrow for Stonehenge and Bath.

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