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Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

It’s been a challenging 2 weeks – my molars hum with a sinus infection that’s plagued me for months. I should get this looked at but when? I pop yet another Advil and remember I haven’t paid the bill from the last time I went to urgent care, my swollen with pink eye. My beloved nurse practitioner left the practice I go to. Without her, I don't feel it's worth the schlep into Boston. She left to do mission work. Lady - I'm a damn mission.

Andrea and I have both been traveling and trying to move projects forward at home has made balancing the pets tricky. I have as much control over our one dog as I do contractors – which is to say very little. But at least the contractors are not quite literally shitting on the floor. I let Georgie out tonight and he came in, only to have him assume the position to poop inside. I motivated him on out the door. Once outside I shouted, “THIS. IS. WHERE. YOU. POOP! It’s a simple concept.” I’m fairly certain the neighbors must hate us. How do they manage a brood of children AND a dog?! How is this possible? I don’t hear any yelling. Although – they do have a band. The band is quite literally a garage band. They seem to play the same song over and over and over until they master it. Recently, they’ve taken on Sweet Caroline. But that trumps yelling at your dog about poop. I’m trying to get dog training (and not that weak Petco crap) off the ground for Georgie.

Today my tire blew out on the highway. It was as if it unraveled with no discernible reason. At least it blew out while I was in Massachusetts instead of yesterday as I navigated my way home from Long Island.

The past two weeks remind me of Monty Python when the guy’s on the cross whistling “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life”.

Life's a piece of shit,

when you look at it. Life's a laugh and death's a joke it's true. You'll see it's all a show. Keep 'em laughing as you go. Just remember that the last laugh is on you. And...

Always look on the bright side of life. Always look on the right side of life.

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