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Looks Like Tomatoes

I think we’d been in Vegas approximately 36-hours before Andrea remarked that Vegas wasn’t for people like her. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well...” Andrea began deliberately, “I believe in bedtime.” This is true. Andrea is disciplined about bedtime & has trained me to be equally disciplined. Well. Not equally. She snaps the TV off and that’s my signal to head up to bed with her. As the final session concluded, Andrea commented, “Looks like tomatoes!” “Huh?” I asked, straining to hear Barry Manilow’s “Looks like we made it.” Earlier this week, a friend remarked that she had misunderstood the lyrics of this song to be “Looks Like Tomatoes”. In a family that made a lot of sauce (gravy?) this sounded right to her. “Looks like tomatoes - we’re through with the conference.” Andrea clarified. “Ohhh.” I agreed. We headed to Zak Bagans Haunted Museum in Vegas. The line is absurd - we waited over an hour. While you’re in line, you sign a waiver and they show you a video of Bagans’ Halloween Live special. Basically, there’s a lot of hype. I think the power of suggestion is definitely at work. Scents are also pumped into the darkened rooms. I was practically hoping someone fainted to spice things up a bit but nothing happened. The night prior, we went on a Ghost Hunt that took place about half an hour outside Vegas in the “town” of Good Springs (the population is in the 200 range). We went to the Pioneer Saloon. This was a lot of fun and there was a historical aspect to it. We stayed up past our bedtime. We left Vegas and headed to the Hoover Dam area. I’d booked a hotel that sounded ridiculous - it boasts bingo as an activity. It also offers panning for gold. At one point, I asked Andrea if I should cancel the reservation. “Are you kidding?!” Andrea asked incredulously. I wasn’t but I didn’t cancel. Although the website makes the lodge sound like a kitschy mess, it’s surprisingly nice. We have a great view. This hotel is nicer than the hotel we stayed at in Vegas. There is coffee in the room! And nicer shampoo! And BINGO! “Hoover Dam’s more my speed - I’m old.” Andrea said.

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