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The Mystery of the Turbans at the Dam

Recently, someone asked me how long I’ve been blogging. I replied, “A long time.” But couldn’t recall how long. Today I looked at my old blog to refresh my memory as to how long it’s been since my first visit to Vegas and the Hoover Dam and discovered it’s been as long as I’ve been blogging - 14 years. A lifetime ago. The group of 4 of us who visited Vegas and the Dam are all divorced and remarried to others. I’m the only one who took it to an extreme and married someone the same gender as myself. The other day my mom texted me and asked me a question which I didn’t really answer (it’s more a phone call story). I texted back, “Don’t Panic!” Then added, “Ha! Famous last words!” Which is accurate given prior conversations (for one example, see above) she’s had with me over the years. Anyway - a lot’s changed in 14 years. Thank god my blogging has improved. I was going to include an excerpt here to drive the point home but I didn’t. You’re welcome. Additionally, I have a much improved travel companion. We took a power plant tour at the dam - something I’m almost sure we didn’t do in 2005. While we stood outside overlooking the Dam, a recording of facts about the Dam played. The guy on the recording was talking about turbines, only every time he said it, he said “turbans” which would cause Andrea to mutter, “turbans”. Presumably in disbelief. She later commented, “That was a recording! You can record a new one! A new one that says turbines! Not turbans!” We seem to have lucked out on the timing of our visit to the Hoover Dam because as we left, a long line of cars were snaking their way in. We made our way towards The Grand Canyon which was a 3 & half hour trek through the desert to the south rim. This gave me time to review what I’d planned for the next day and realize that my west rim plan was 4.5 hours from where we were staying tonight. I giggled nervously and looked at Andrea. “What?” She asked knowingly.

“Well. The Grand Canyon! So big! Wow!” I said.

“Yep. That’s why they call it Grand. What’s wrong?” Andrea pressed. Had to make a few changes to the itinerary. Relieved I realized this tonight. As we drove the final hour to our hotel, we drove past a ramshackle collection of trailers in the middle of nowhere that advertised themselves as Grand Canyon vacation rentals. “Vacation rentals?!” Andrea read.

“Just remember this in case the Red Feather Inn is iffy.” I said.

“Of course a place by the name of ‘Red Feather’ is going to be iffy! It sounds like it’s from a fucking Nancy Drew mystery!” Andrea replied. And it really is somewhat reminiscent of a motel described in one of the many Nancy Drew books I’ve read or listened to. The landscape reminds me of The Secret at Shadow Ranch. The "town" we are staying in tonight is Tusayan. It's a mile from the entrance to the south rim Grand Canyon entrance and there appears to be very little going on here. Perhaps Andrea and I can try to solve the Mystery of the Turbans at the Dam? Why didn't they record a

new recording?!

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