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Thoughts & Prayers

“There was another shooting last night.” Andrea says as I open my eyes. “What? Where?” I ask. “Ohio. At a bar.” We’d gone to sleep with the news of a shooting in El Paso, Texas and awoken to news is another shooting. We went to the store and Andrea made a stop for pool beer. As I waited in the car, I received a text from Andrea that said, “What is going on here?!” And I thought, “Oh my God. Not another shooting.” But she she was referring to the fact that Oktoberfest beer is already on the shelves. In August. Is America great again yet? Where the first thought that comes to one’s mind is “oh no. Another mass shooting?!” I feel people should have asked more questions - what specifically would make America great (again)? Mocking disabled people? Open racism? Sexism? Just wondering. Yeah, yeah. I realize that America wasn’t so great 20 years ago when there was a mass shooting at Columbine High. But in the 20 years since Columbine, America sees approximately one mass shooting a day. What are we doing? Sending thoughts and prayers? Today at the store, I wanted Raisin Bran and remembered that my mom had shared an article where it had Roundup or some shit in it. Is there anything we haven’t fucked up? I bought the organic kind. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit... At the beginning of the month, a mere 4 days ago, I stuck a toe back into exercising. And cleaning up my diet. I had attended a class at a SPENGA studio by my home & although I really enjoyed it, it took two weeks for me to work up the nerve to attend again. I like it. You versus you for 20-minutes of spin, strength and yoga. “Do I look thinner?” I jokingly ask. “Definitely.” Andrea replies. Must be my thoughts and prayers.

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