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Cocoa Sees Dead People

Today I ate a pumpkin flavored something. Which really felt like another betrayal of summer, the fantasy football draft being among them. Just when we got our pool open, the air changed and you could catch fall in the air. The restaurant in town is promoting Oktoberfest, which is alway delicious, but damn. I never got a firm grasp on summer - it just slipped through my fingers. Andrea and I took next Friday off and next weekend’s forecast looks promising for a final nod to summer. Everyone is suitably tanned except Andrea and me. Next weekend, last chance. Although today, I did spot a monarch and a hummingbird on/around the butterfly bush outside of our front window. After the fantasy football draft concluded last night, I did make a point to tell Andrea that she did seem less bossy than she had years prior. “Well that’s because people were actually paying attention! They were chit chatting previous years.” So nice job, people. Cheers from the league commissioner. I had my half hour phone chat with the pet psychic today. We met her years ago at a woo woo expo. Right now my friend Anne is rolling her eyes and muttering under her breath. Anne’s dog saw dead people and if that won’t convince her, nothing will. Anne obviously should speak with the pet psychic to chat with her dog (RIP, Cocoa). Anyway. Lola is rip shit because her buddy and bodyguard left her. At the mention of bodyguard, I picture Lola as Whitney Houston and Elliot as Kevin Costner which is comical. Not surprisingly, Dex isn’t gonna step up. Dex is “an opportunist”. Lola thinks Georgie is a dummy because he sounds the alarm falsely and often in the wrong direction. So he clearly won’t be stepping into the role of Lola’s bodyguard. I could go on - it’s surprising how much information you can glean in half an hour but I will stop because I realize I sound cuckoo banana puffs.  Right, Anne?

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