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Assume the Best of Intentions

On Tuesday, I had a migraine. Blessedly, I threw up and it passed. Today, my eye began to hurt and there is some gross mucus going on in there. Maybe it’s conjunctivitis? At least I’ve dodged the COVID. Bright side.

I still see people on my Facebook questioning whether or not COVID is real. How the hell do I know people like this? People who don’t personally know anyone who has been diagnosed or died so they assume it’s not real.

Andrea and I are both working out of our house for now. We start and end our days opening and unpacking boxes. Hemming and hawing... where should this go? Has anyone seen an iron yet? I wonder where that lampshade is? Trying to establish some order from chaos in our home.

“I hope we can get some pictures hung by the end of the weekend.” I say.

We’ve decide to paint what Andrea refers to as the “water closet”. It’s a small room that could stand to be brightened from its beige hue.

In addition to unpacking what we have, I had ordered bar stools for our kitchen and 2 new chairs for the dining room space. This means that more boxes arrive and Andrea has to assemble things. Thank god she’s good at that.

Meanwhile - I read a lot of tips about how to hang onto your sanity during a pandemic requiring social distancing. I do none of them. I don’t take walks, meditate or exercise. I’m either working or I’m trying to bring order to our home.

I either moved at the best or the worst time. The good news is that our mortgage is approximately $700 less a month. That’s a win. Honestly, I imagined a different move experience. I thought I would be meeting new people at exercise classes. Instead, I spend most all my time inside my home. We have some great outdoor space that I think we need to set up and use this weekend before we lose our minds. We have to get into a rhythm that gives us a break - some relief.

Relief. I hope we get some relief from the pandemic soon. Although the curve is not flattening - which is concerning. But how can a curve flatten when people refuse to believe the reality of the situation. I feel most people in positions of leadership are doing the best they can but it’s not as if anyone ever anticipated this. Pandemic response is not a scenario we covered in my masters degree program.

I leave you with this. This is real. Assume that people in leadership are doing the best they can and their guidance should be followed. We are not flattening the curve.

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