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Bald Egg

Yesterday morning, my neighbor and I drove to the gym to take a class together.  Her 9 year old comes along and amuses himself while we are in a class.

“I shaved my eyebrows off yesterday.” He says from the backseat.

I cast a sideways glance at his mom and her look tells me that she is not pleased.

“Oh.  What made you do that?” I ask.

“I don’t know - I used my mom’s razor without her knowing.”

“Ah.” I say, as if this explains it, although it doesn’t.

His mom says they’re going to try something to take the focus off his lack of eyebrows.

Maybe a trip to the barber? I don’t know that this will help distract from the lack of eyebrows but I don’t have any other solutions to offer.

“What do you think of it?” I ask, referring to his new look.

“Well. When my mom saw it, she was laughing and crying. I wasn’t sure what emotion to feel.” He says.  Later, his mom said he asked, “Shall I get a sharpie?”  She declined that offer.

“We have all done things like this when we were younger.” I say, and mention how I put peroxide in my hair once which made it take on the hue of a goldfish.  I’m sure I did plenty of other things too but that’s the one that immediately comes to mind. My neighbor recollects cutting her bangs.

“I’m going to tell kids not to do this.  Unless they want to look like a bald egg.” The kid says.

At this, I cannot help but laugh.

“Live and learn.” The kid says.

Although the kid is 9, he has an English accent and accompanying expressions.  He often sounds like a wizened old man.

Out of earshot from the kid, I tell my neighbor I’ve blogged for years and ask if she is going to do anything with this material.  She isn’t.

During the ride home, she mentions to the kid that they will be going apple picking with family soon and perhaps he could wear his hat low on his head.

“Why? Are you embarrassed of me?” He asks.

“No - it’s just that we have all these nice photos of you. With eyebrows….” She trails off and I suggest they may want to memorialize the moment - perhaps some photos with the hat and others without. They seem to

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