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Belly Flop

Today Andrea and I braved the pool we joined. Getting ready to go to a pool is a production I’d long forgotten about.

When we finally packed the beach bag, I asked, “Which car are we taking?”

“Mine - it has gas.”

“Mine has enough gas to get us to the pool and back.” I say.

We step outside and Andrea asks, “Do you have the keys?”

“Uh uh. Your car, your keys. My car, my keys. That’s how it works.” I reply.

“This is why having our own pool was easier.” Andrea says.

I look at my legs and realize I’ve forgotten to shave - apparently for several months in a row.


“Mmm. It’ll get easier. We’ll have the beach bag packed.”

When we get to the pool, we luck out with 2 adults leaving at the same time. The woman waves us over. Their chairs are beside the adult pool which means no one is really in this pool except the legs of adults seated in clumps along the side. A man near us sips a Bud Light Seltzer and says to his companion, “It has one gram of sugar and it tastes like it.”

Andrea heads off in search of a snack bar for drinks and learns that you bring your own. This is unlike the civic center pool I few up going to. Next time, we will have to pack the beach bag and the small, Scooby-Doo cooler.

There is a kids pool for very small kids and then another pool. The other pool goes to 8 feet but you have to be willing to deal with kids. The line to jump off the diving board is long with kids who cheer one another on by chanting, “Belly flop!” At times, a rowdy cheer rises so I think they got what they were looking for - no one cheers when a small girl cannon balls.

Last night, we went to our neighbors for cocktails. We brought a charcuterie platter to share and their dog loved the salami (oops). We learned the prior owners of home were “very conservative”.

“Huh. I wonder why they sold the house to us?” I ask aloud. “Maybe they thought we were sisters?” Today Andrea suggests that perhaps we had the best offer, beating out the other 2 offers at the time. Whatever the case, I’m glad it worked out.

With the closet install, we essentially flipped the guest room with the room the closet is now in. I’ve taken to referring to the former guest room as the employee break room since Andrea and I both work from home. We moved a little fridge into there, hung good art (all our art is good, in my opinion, and we have too much of it), and set up the bookcases. You could take a meeting in there to mix things up. We moved our small loveseat in there too - it folds into a bed. Kevin, our tortoise, will likely relo to the sun room. This is a great idea in the summer because he loves the heat but I’m less certain of how winter will be but it’s worth a shot.

It’s interesting how you move into a place and set it up. Then you learn it and set it up once more, this time with knowing your own rhythm. I don’t know if we would have bought this particular house if we both weren’t working from home - but we were so we did. We each have our own office. We’re in meetings and on calls all day so sharing an office isn’t an option.

I’m still moving into my new closet and drawers. Yesterday, Wayfair delivered a small bedside table and floor lamp that I assembled and put into the guest/closet room. I’ve ordered a new blanket from Fairbault Mill and that will complete the room - just add guests.

Last night, our neighbor asked if we’d met people in Richmond yet and realize that really, only Andrea has. I feel a little depressed about this for a few hours but today I wake up and remember I’m in introvert - I like the idea of friends. I did, recently, meet up with 2 women in Richmond. Both of whom are members of Chief, which I also joined this year. I also went to a book club where one of the women has recently moved from California. She says she’s made 4 friends and we all agree that she’s doing well with 4. She says, “I can’t really have more friends than that or I won’t be a good friend. I went on a hike and a woman asked to be friends and I said that I couldn’t - I was full. It wasn’t my best moment.” I laugh and say I understand what she is saying - others in the group appear surprised by this. Too bad she’s full up on friends.

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