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Cicada Dreams

While on a work call on Thursday, I was distracted by a text from my mom who was reporting that her friend’s husband had passed away. When I had spoken with my mom on Monday, her 82nd birthday, she reported that a friend of hers had passed away.

I sighed and said my mom’s friends were passing away and my work colleague shared that her mom, who had lived until 86, had been through similar. My colleague joked that her answer to this was to make friends with people 10-20 years younger. Not a bad plan - they can help you with technology and things like that.

Our friend Anne is leaving Richmond tomorrow, she is not 10 - 20 years younger than either of us - rather, 9 years older. A fact that she likely won’t be happy I shared here.

In reality, I think it’s a good idea to have friends of all ages - and not just because they can help you with technology. But because they can introduce you to new ideas and perspectives. New experiences. For example, this trip, we introduced Anne to drag queens, Babes of Carytown, Richmond history, a transgendered bartender, karaoke at the Lakeside Tavern, and the northern neck of Virginia. Horizons expanded. I mean - we took her to museums too. So horizons upon horizons. Having said that, karaoke at the Lakeside Tavern is a horizon like none other. It’s difficult to truly explain the experience so you really need to go. We always meet at least one really memorable character. Tonight, we met a 27 year old who went by the name “Fish” and sang Adele. Fish was how Harry would be if he were a real boy - spilling things, putting things in his mouth, and falling down. He didn’t seem to pee his pants so he had that going for him.

Anne was our 2nd houseguest so far this year. I enjoy having guests. But here’s the thing - if you’re trying to maintain a facade that you’re normal and have your shit in some semblance of together, then a short visit is better for that. A longer visit and your crazy and idiosyncrasies seep out. And of course, our pets don’t even pretend to have his shit together.

Recently, I’ve begun sliding a little further into sleep and begun to dream again. Most nights, I can’t recall what the dream was but last night, cicadas were in my dream. I do not like cicadas. But these had me only a little jumpy as they were a bit sluggish. In spite of my cicada dream, I got the best night of sleep I’d had in 2 months. So, bring on the cicadas?

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