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I forgot to write the meaning of the tarot card I pulled before we went to the hospital: Drained.

It meant what you’d expect - - tired, both physically and mentally. But then I drained Andrea’s bowels so perhaps it meant that as well...

The patient continues to steadily improve and show signs of life. Shortly after surgery, I had invested in Miralax as a pre-emptive strike against constipation brought on by prolonged sitting and pain meds. Then, concerned about her hydration, I decided to mix her up a drink that I use when working out – LMNT. I mixed her 3 generously sized glasses which brought on a stomachache - - but it did take her focus off of her arm. From the bathroom, Andrea read the LMNT reviews to realize that LMNT can be just as powerful as Miralax. I texted our nurse friend asking, “So wait – can magnesium cause you to poop?!” Apparently, magnesium can be a real toilet clogger so I guess we got off easy. No need for Miralax here. Our nurse friend recommended Liquid IV which I quickly purchased, concerned I’d dehydrated Andrea with my magnesium infusion.

On Friday, I had the day off of work which was good. It had been a short week as we’d been off on Monday for MLK Jr. but I’d been irritable. I texted the same friend (above) and asked, “Do you think I’ll be grouchy all of 2022 or just Q1?”

She predicts that perhaps my grouchiness will last half of Q1 which seems reasonable.

In any case, on Friday, I took the patient on an outing. We had booked a spa day back in December when all of Andrea’s limbs were intact and functional. So we scaled back on her services – forgoing her massage (for now) and what would be a one handed manicure. Besides, her hand still felt bruised to her and didn’t look “normal” yet.

We both got a facial – something that I seldom get. Even one handed, Andrea’s requested I pump moisturizer into her hand so she can apply it to her face. This is impressive to me.

The esthetician got to work on me and said, “Ohhhh. You’re face isn’t dry at all! What’s your routine?!” “Uh. Neglect?” I reply. She doesn’t laugh so I assume she’s horrified and, as a result, I’d better come up with a better response. “Um. I wash with an oil cleanser. I can’t remember the name of it.”

“Well – maybe that’s it.” She replies, satisfied.

Later I learn that Andrea’s esthetician remarked how dry her skin is. This seems unfair given the moisturizer I’ve watched her apply one-handedly. The esthetician sympathizes, saying the surgery can really dry a person out. I think, “Well – so can LMNT if you drink 3 large glasses of it.”

When I’m home, I realize that my facial cleanser isn’t an oil cleanser after all. Whatever.

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