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This week was crazy. Someone said there was a full moon. It certainly felt that way but I can’t confirm or deny the phase of the moon this week. My one employee went out to have her 2nd child - a blessed event I’ve long been in denial about. When she told me, I recall thinking, “December? That’s forever from now!” And here we are. She went out Monday and we didn’t hear from her until Wednesday when the kid decided to finally make an appearance.  All 9 lbs, 2 oz of her.

Once the work week finally wrapped, Andrea and I squeezed Georgie into the Jeep along with a load we were bringing to the cottage. I think we are one load away from being done schlepping loads. The final load will be books and arts and crafty shit. I’m repurposing a bookcase specific to the cottage and hope to finish that (& some grocery shopping) before tomorrow’s Army vs Navy game at 3 PM.

Kidney bean fields line either side of the top of the road to the cottage. The fields are now empty but we inspected the pods before the season was over. We slowly rolled passed four deer at the side of the road. There aren’t any street lights until right before our home where one solitary light gleams. When I stepped out of the car when we reached the house and looked up. Stars glittered against the inky, cerulean sky. So many stars. So I guess the lack of lights is okay. Still, it was almost scary driving into that void.

If I didn’t know better, I’d guess that it was 11 PM or so. In reality, it’s not even 8 PM. We brought Georgie and left the cats behind (they will be fine). Georgie also seemed to believe it was past his bedtime but he perked up when we opened his Barkbox. He’s spoiled - and yet he truly loves the toys.  I always imagined Wrigley cooly soothing Georgie’s nerves, “Listen, kid. They do crazy shit like this.” But in reality, Wrigley would be panting like a nut for a while. Georgie settled down fairly quick at this new strange place - no doubt a mix of familiar and strange smells.

I think this weekend we will be damn close to taking “after” pictures - and can likely highlight 2 of the 4 rooms (room count includes the kitchen and bath). When we arrived, the cottage was sweltering. We had left the heat on at the lowest possible setting on our 2 mini-splits. Guess we don’t need to leave both on.

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