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Galloway Method

This morning, Andrea awoke me by reading an article where the surgeon general cautioned that this week of COVID could be our “Pearl Harbor.” I’m not sure that sets the right tone for the day.

I went on to have a day that was particularly F bomb inducing. I vented to a co-worker, walked away from my work computer around 7 and began unpacking.

“Busman’s holiday!” Is what Joan, my former CEO and mentor from years gone by, would call this.

“Cocktails on the deck!” Andrea called out as I sat in the basement surrounded by too much stuff, contemplating my next move. Well. That answers my next move. Andrea directed me to the deck while she prepared cheese and crackers.

The air smelled of freshly cut grass.

I left the stuff on the basement floor. I left my work computer. For the moment. To breathe in the air and to sit across from Andrea, dogs at our side hoping for cheese or cracker or both. Anything, really. We’re suckers, they wear us down with their molten chocolate eyes.

We came inside as the sun sank into the sky, which wasn’t until around 8 PM.

Unpacking. COVID. Both are a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve never run a marathon. Two half marathons - never a full. I’m not really a runner. I believe in breaks. There’s an entire philosophy around running and walking, often referred to as the “Galloway Method”, after Olympian/runner, Jeff Galloway.

Galloway says, “Walk breaks will significantly speed up recovery because there is less damage to repair. The early walk breaks erase fatigue, and the later walk breaks will reduce or eliminate overuse muscle breakdown.”

I think breaks from unpacking and COVID craziness will erase some fatigue and breakdown. At least I hope so. Let’s try it - let me know If breaks work for you.

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