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Today the movers rolled onto Amanda Court and schlepped our furniture and box after box inside. I’m no stranger to moving but having a relo company is a new experience. They packed all our belongings.

“GITORS.” Andrea and I read on a package wrapped in brown paper. “Wonder what this is?” Turns out it was guitars from Rock Band. I’d half hoped they meant “gators” but nope.

I had cleaned our pantry in January of 2019. You’d be surprised at what expires in a year – and what I’d moved across the country only to toss it on this end. When the movers packed our house up, they labeled boxes with the name of the room they thought that the items were in. “Office” is not at all the office so I am unsure how they came up with that one.

“It’s kind of like Christmas.” Andrea said.

I went to the grocery store today to stock our pantry and freezer in the event we must hunker down at home for weeks. Virginia is faring much better than the northeast – except for toilet paper, you can still buy most things. If not at one store, another.

Andrea’s been off from work and is off tomorrow. I’ve been kinda busy doing COVID related HR stuff because I work for a senior living provider. No one prepared me for a goddamn pandemic in HR school.

I feel I’m going to have to start tossing empty boxes off our back deck so that we can walk around and know which boxes still need to be unpacked. It’s getting tough to distinguish packed boxes from unpacked boxes. Maybe tomorrow we’ll unpack a “nic nac” box?

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