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Little Dollars & Chlamydia

I have been searching for an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. It’s not hard to find them but it is hard to get in. One place had an opening in November & another in late March. Only my left ear is very plugged, making it difficult to hear and honestly, I’ve felt kinda shitty since late December.

This morning, I thought Andrea said “chlamydia” and “little dollars” when in reality she said “Canada” & “little flowers”.

Thankfully, I found a place that could see me this morning - versus late March or November.

They were very thorough which is a relief. I’ve been speaking with someone who is seriously ill. Between that and Googling wayyyyy too much, you can really scare yourself.

They cleaned my ear so that hopefully this will enable my ear to drain. If it doesn’t drain, back to tubes in my ears. Which would be like 1981 Maggie all over again.

I was given a hearing test too and it seems that technology hasn’t changed since 1981. It was weird to be back in that little booth again. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t hear well out of the left ear. The audiologist would also say a word and ask me to repeat it. She was sly in the sense she covered her lips so I couldn’t read them. I got all the words correct but they were easy words - not like chlamdyia/Canada. Multi-syllabic. Thank god we do not talk about   chlamdyia or Canada often.

I fly on 3/6 - & it seems unlikely  my head will  explode on the plane.

This weekend is the final push for pulling my book together - which is exciting, scary, blah blah blah…

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