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Northeast Summer

It’s May, but in Richmond it already feels like summer. Northeast summer because it’s not too hot or too humid yet. It’s just right.

A few weeks ago, our neighborhood held its annual Porchella. Porchella is where homes host bands to play on their porches or front lawns. It started around the time we moved to the neighborhood and it’s evolved. Last year, port-a-potties were added (though it’s faster for us to just run home than it is to wait in line) and this year, there were food trucks. We took Harry to attend much of Porchella. He loved the attention he got and was unphased by the loud bands, crowds, children, and other dogs.

Our neighborhood has a progressive vibe. One band lead rocked out in a t-shirt that said Science is Real.

As we stood in front of one home, Andrea said, “I think the house behind us is a lesbian commune.”

A woman walked by wearing a shirt that read, Everyone watches women’s sports, and the commune inhabitants went wild. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s a lesbian commune, but I hope so.

This June will mark three years that we’ve lived in our Richmond home, which seems about right because I feel it’s coming together. Furniture and decor in their appropriate places after being moved in and moved around and around. Sometimes out if it didn’t work (does anyone want to buy a queen bed?).  Andrea hired someone to come design the back yard. This sounds bougie but the reality is the backyard is over run with gardens, put in by the prior occupants who clearly had a lot of passion and time to spend outside taming the landscape. Work will begin out there in June - either these people are really good or really busy. Maybe both. I suppose it’s expensive but it isn’t northeast expensive.

This weekend, we traveled to northern Virginia and stayed at a pet friendly VRBO located between 2 things we wanted to do this weekend. We arrived at the rental after dark on Thursday night. I stumbled to the front of the house and considered the high step to the porch before realizing there were a few steps off to the side of the porch. I looked for the lock box, but the cobwebs on the front porch and by the front porch made it clear I was in the wrong place. The frogs croaked and I went to the back of the home where I found another door on the side, and the lock box.

The first of the two things we wanted to do during our stay was attend Luckett’s Spring Market. I happened upon this market via a woman I met who attended last year. Luckett’s has a store, that I haven’t been to, but it’s a resale shop. The market is like a mini-Brimfield, an antique market held in Western MA. We went on Friday and the weather held, with only a spitting rain as we walked to the car.

On Saturday, we went into DC and visited the spy museum. The museum had an exhibit featuring various James Bond cars, etc.

Although the rental was dog friendly, only Georgie went. Harry made his boarding debut at the place he attends dog school. We don’t want to end up with 2 dogs who don’t board. Georgie loves the country - perhaps from his time in Tennessee before he made the trip to Massachusetts where we adopted him. We will reunite with Harry after work on Monday. I miss him, but I don’t miss him ripping up paper towels.

Next week is Memorial Day weekend - the unofficial start to summer. We are headed to the cottage. I’m headed down early, spending the day on Friday. We are having the kitchen counter replaced - which we wanted to do since purchasing the cottage but didn’t due to the other, numerous, competing priorities.

I’ve been using an app called None to Run - it’s designed to ease you back into running in a kinder, gentler way than the Couch to 5k (C25K) plan. I’ve successfully used the C25K before but it hasn’t taken for me in a while. I’m not sure why - or if knowing why matters as this seems to be going well. Then again, I’m only on week 2 of 12.

I feel I blog of the mundane lately and wonder if I should take a break and confine the drivel to paper to spare anyone who reads this.

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