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Not the Book I Thought I’d Write

I have been procrastinating related to my book. At first, my procrastination was due to the fact I was in denial. Then, it shifted and was due to the fact that that this is written, on paper, and ready to burst forth into the world and people may read it and I’m supposed to talk about it.

I often think and sometimes say, “this isn’t the book I thought I’d write….” Because it isn’t. I wrote it because the idea wouldn’t leave me alone.

I wish I could tell you that the book was inspired by amazing bosses and healthy workplace cultures. The reality is I wrote it in the hope of inspiring healthy workplace cultures and people leaders to do better. If it inspires small, positive changes, for a worker, a leader, or a workplace, it will have been worth tackling those goddamn Chicago citations.

But what about the book I thought I’d write? Since recently reading at the Life in 10 Minutes event, I’ve been thinking about that book more. The one I thought I would write. The good news is that no Chicago citations would be required because it would be short essay style, following a narrative arc. I’m just fucking with you about the narrative arc part. It sounded writerly. But the short essay style part I’m serious about - think David Sedaris, only not as funny because I’m the one writing it. So now that book is in my head.

And it isn’t leaving me alone.

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