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Not Your Mama's Headshots

Recently, I decided to make the best of this COVID situation. It wasn’t a conscious decision. And part of it had taken hold before I’d even left Massachusetts, before COVID. So maybe, more accurately, I’m making the best of our move which has been complicated by COVID. Not the move part, but the getting out of the house and meeting people part. Or, more simply, the getting out of the house part. Doing things in my new community. I began making the best of it by being still in meditation. Many people say that meditation is the gateway to your subconscious mind – a way to tune into what’s being said underneath the noise. I too say this – I believe this to be true.

For almost six months, people have been staying home more than ever. They’re wearing masks when they do go out. And their washing their hands with renewed fervor. This time – the six months – has passed us by regardless of how we’ve spent it. In COVID, like life, it’s difficult to see too far ahead. To know what’s around the bend. In his song, Beautiful Boy, Lennon wrote, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Yeah – because I didn’t plan for a pandemic while thinking this move through. But here it is – life.

I’ve always been fond of September. A new year of sorts what with school beginning and my birthday both in September. We collectively shake the sleepy dregs of summer’s grip from us.

I feel as though I’ve gotten a head start on September. I set a goal to learn to drive standard by Thanksgiving and today was my first driving lesson – if I don’t count the time I got the car stuck in the elementary school parking lot in Hudson, MA. Which I definitely don’t. Andrea is patient and enthusiastic teacher. Having just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this week, I wonder if we’ll make it to 10 as I stall her car out. This seemed like a good goal but now I’m less confident. I wonder how much a new clutch costs? I remind myself I can do hard things. Really. I have the track record to prove it.

I’m also getting ready to embark on coaching training through Raleigh Coaching Academy (RCA). The training is online and begins on September 11th. I chose RCA because they are the first and only International Coaching Federation coach training focused on Authentic Leadership. They have incorporated mindfulness into their training as well. Getting certified to coach is a process – a portion of which requires that you have paying clients. I’ve been working on my website and branding thanks to the incredibly talented Morgan Kropa of Morgatize. And on Friday evening, I had a photo shoot in downtown Lynchburg so I could update my LinkedIn profile pic and put photos on my website as well. Initially, Morgan was going to take the photos but she’s in Massachusetts and travel’s been kinda iffy due to COVID. So I set out to find a photographer here. Since my focus is coaching for authentic leadership, I didn’t want a stuffy, artificial head shot in front of a blue or gray background. Enter Hannah Jane Photography. I told a former colleague about my upcoming portrait appointment with Hannah Jane.

“Just have fun. If it feels goofy – you’re doing it right.” I felt goofy and I had fun. I anticipate having the photos, and my website, complete in September.

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