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Pancakes are Love

Recently, I said to Andrea, “You’re bossy. You should just admit you’re bossy.”

Andrea paused and then replied, “I prefer to think of it as ‘assertive’ – or ‘leadership qualities’.”

“Huh. Well, guess that’s why you got promoted.” I mumbled.

Weeks later, we were riding in the car when we heard a news story on the radio that indicated people who speak up in meetings get promoted more often than people who don’t speak up in meetings.

Working from home, with Andrea in the next room, I know she speaks up in meetings. I’m the kind of person who has to sit through the meeting and then process it - - after the meeting. This is not particularly efficient.

At times, it is very helpful to have a fellow HR person in the same house.

Recently, Andrea said, “Have a seat in my office.”

I obediently sat down at the dining room table where Andrea currently works.

“So. What do you think you should say in this situation?”

“Well…” I begin and finish with something like this:

"Remember - we're moving away from swearing. Let's give it another try." Andrea says encouragingly.

"Oh yeah. Right." I feel watching Season 3 of Ozark during a pandemic may not have been the best life choice. I love the character Ruth Langmore (pictured above) but she does have a super colorful vocabulary. Recently, Andrea was on a conference call and I made myself a tuna salad sandwich. Our cat Dex swarmed me, along with the 2 dogs. I put the tuna juice on a bowl on the floor and busied myself making my sandwich, forgetting about the tuna juice so I tripped on the bowl, sending the juice flying.

"Shit!" I exclaimed and then remembered Andrea was on a conference call. She cringed and I muttered, "Oh! Sorry. Sorry. Thank god I didn't say worse." Thinking of the time I called our dog Georgie a dick while falling over him in the hallway. No one was on a conference call that time.

Our pets are like a small brood of sometimes unruly children. When Andrea eats, the pets swarm her as if we don't feed them (they are bold faced liars. We went to Petco Friday and it was not cheap.). Bogart is the worst. It's like watching the scene from Tiger King where Joe Exotic is walking around and the tiger is obsessed with his shoes. Then, the tiger attacks Joe Exotic (scene below). In our scenario, Andrea is eating and Bogart is obsessed with her food. Then Bogart makes a move - dragging a meaty paw through whatever she is eating and sometimes swinging at Andrea and drawing blood.

(NOTE: Joe's language is on par with Ruth Langmore's. Watch with caution.)

I returned from Massachusetts on Wednesday. The lush green, the mountains and downshifted pace are feeling a lot like home. The heat? Not so much - not yet.

On Friday, Andrea made me pancakes. My mom would make me a stack of silver dollar pancakes when I was growing up. Pancakes are home. Pancakes are love.

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