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Politician. Cockroach. Rat.

Yesterday, the conference and my in person time with a group from work came to a close.

This morning, George Bush was to speak at the conference and security had been installed to screen people into his event and there were a whole lot of rules. Yesterday, when the conference spokesperson referenced the fact President Bush would be speaking today, there was a silent pause followed by a medium sized group clapping from one corner of the room. I wondered if they were from Texas? No one seated near me clapped. I had no interest in hearing Bush speak so I departed on a 5 AM flight from New Orleans. Given the fact I’m not a morning person, this says a lot about my opinion of Bush, which has improved but only in contrast to Trump.

Speaking of politicians reminded me of my cockroach story. On Monday night, while walking to the hotel after dinner with my CEO & 2 other colleagues, a cockroach scurried out from the dark corners and into our path. I was closest to where the cockroach had emerged from and I fear cockroaches as much as I fear bad politicians, so I instinctively raised my right arm and gently guided my CEO into the path of the cockroach so my CEO was between me and the menacing bug. Because I was downright scared, my ability to form words or sound had abandoned me, which was lucky for me or it’s likely I would have screamed. My group had no idea what was going on it that moment but if you ask them, they will tell you o forcibly shoved my CEO into the path of an oncoming cockroach.

Last night, I was able to meet up with a former colleague in New Orleans. She had worked at a location that I’d supported at a prior job. We met for dinner with her current colleague and 3 of my current colleagues. It was a good time and there were no cockroach sightings on our walk back but my CEO did point out a rat that was under a parked car before it scurrried across the road. This rat was not impressive in comparison to rats I’ve seen near Fenway Park in Boston. Those suckers - you could saddle them.

Today I climbed into a Lyft around 3 AM. I’d Googled how to order a Lyft in advance of when I needed it and was relieved to see him roll up. I’d been presented a business card from another Lyft driver and considered calling him but then realized it wouldn’t be recorded in the Lyft app and I could end up in the bayou as alligator feed.

Booking a Lyft at 3 AM was easier for me than booking Andrea. I’d sent her a meeting request but it was an hour later than I’d intended. Oops.

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