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Resurrection Sunday

I usually fall asleep pretty fast. It’s better this way. I fall asleep before any snoring begins – by (wo)man or beast. But sometimes, I’ll lie there talking to Andrea.

“I miss Dexy – how she would sleep on my head. I know you read that article….” I pause. Andrea says nothing and I continue, “The one that said if a cat sleeps on your head, they’re the boss of you.”

“Well.” Andrea says. “It depends on what outfit she’s wearing.”

It’s then that I realize she’s fallen asleep and talking in a semi-sleep state.

“Andrea. Dexy was a cat. She didn’t have outfits.” I point out the obvious.

There’s a pause and then Andrea says, “Oh. Wait. I’m falling asleep.”

Clearly. Andrea says the funniest stuff in these moments, but awake moments too.

On Friday, we drove to DC so I could attend a meeting with my CEO. Andrea was game to come along and she drove us there. After the meeting, we went to lunch with the CEO, his wife and his daughter. Then Andrea and I decided to pay a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. As you may suspect, Arlington is enormous. They sell tram tickets which allow you to get on and off a tram that drives through the cemetery. It’s well worth the ticket price. We got off where JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is buried. Conveniently, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband are buried nearby. We visited both graves and RBG’s neighbor, Thurgood Marshall. The cemetery affords some incredible views of DC.

We headed home and traffic was not as smooth sailing as it had been in the morning. In the morning, it took approximately 2 hours, though I am told you can make it in less time than that. There are at least 2 types of people in the world: 1) People who listen to books or podcasts when driving and 2) People who listen to the radio or music while driving. I am in the first group but have a vague idea of pop culture from riding with Andrea who’s in the 2nd group. We listened to the radio and the DJ asked a trivia question. Trivia is Andrea’s strong suit – not mine.

“We only eat eleven of these a year!” The DJ excitedly exclaims.

In the passenger seat, Andrea murmurs, “Spiders.” I look at her and back at the radio where the DJ says, “Steaks!” I burst out laughing. “Spiders?!”

“I should have said bugs,” Andrea says rethinking her response. I think she’d still be wrong and that I liked the spider’s answer better.

This morning, I sat around and drank coffee while attempting to wake up although we’d slept until 930 AM. My Facebook memories told me that today was my sobriety anniversary - - 19 years have slipped by, one at a time. I share this news on social media annually, not because I’m like, “Hey look at me.” But because I believe someone will read it and think, “Well, if that hot mess can do it, I can too.” Over the years, many former classmates and acquaintances have said, “Me too.” It strikes me as interesting that today’s anniversary falls on Easter – resurrection Sunday, indeed.

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