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Ride the Wave

Recently, I learned of a “Free & Easy Group Run” that was taking place at a nearby Richmond park this morning at 9 AM. This group run was for slower runners, which sounded perfect for me.

The exit that I was to take to the park was closed due to construction so my Waze re-routed me. The park has on street parking, which was understandably quite full on this beautiful, Saturday morning. I tucked my car into the last available, legal spot on the road and walked down a set of steps to the park where I saw a group gather in front of building.

I walked up and scanned the group for the woman who was the leader. I thought she had said she would be there but perhaps I’d misunderstood her note which had said she would not be running because she was getting over an injury.

“Is this the group of slower runners?” I asked. The male group members eyed me as I added, “Not that any of you look slow at all!”

Two women said, “Yes! We’re walking!”

There had been no mention of walking on the group but okay, I thought, as the group members introduced themselves.

“So, Maggie, how did you find out about CG Wave?” One of the guys asked.

“CG Wave? Uh. What is that?” I asked.

“Community Group - Wave Church.”

“Oh, gosh. Wow. I am with the wrong group!” I pulled my phone out and pulled up the location where I was supposed to be, “They are meeting at Swan Lake and Shields Lake.”

“Oh! That’s 2 lakes over!” Adding that many of the roads were closed to get there.

A man bounded up to the group, “Is this the Free & Easy Group run?”

The group laughed and I explained that I too was looking for the Free & Easy group run.

The CG group invited us both to stay and join them, by this time, it was well after 9.

“Sure.” I said - careful not to say, “Oh why the hell not.” Or something like that. I immediately saw the humor in the situation, whereas the other lost guy did not, saying, “They said they are meeting at the pavilion. I googled it. There is no pavilion! Why not call it what it is?!”

One of the women opened the group with a 2 minute devotional, which angry man walked off in the middle of. I rode the wave but wondered if this was a southern church that wanted to pray away the gay.

While on our first loop of the pond, I asked what denomination the church was and learned it was non-denominational. I relaxed a little bit and my fear of being baptized in the pond disapated.

At the end of the walk, the group closed it out with “praise and prayer” - and asked me if I had any prayer requests. I just thanked the group for being welcoming.

After, the group that I had been trying to get to, posted an update on Facebook and acknowledged that it had been difficult to locate the group and they promised an easier meeting place next time. Guess I’ll run on my own tomorrow.

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