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Water Closet

This morning’s wake up conversation...

“I think my immune system’s pretty good. I mean - it took a hit in the fall but...”

“I was just thinking that!” Andrea replied.

“About our immune system?”


We had ordered new shelves for the basement. Andrea picked the shelving up at Lowe’s while I was on calls and our “water closet” was being painted. Water

closet is what Andrea had christened our half bath.

We had opened the windows in the finished part of the basement and were assembling the shelving unit in the unfinished part of the basement.

I glanced over to where Bogart has been looking out side the window moments before and saw his face peering at me from outside the window.

“OH MY GOD! The cat’s outside!” I shrieked, tossing the instructions into the air.

Andrea and I both attempted to run towards the window and slipped on shelving parts. I ran to the back door but Andrea managed to grab the cat and haul him back in through the gaping window. As Andrea attempted to put the screen back in, the cat popped another screen. Thankfully we were all home together to learn this lesson together.

I took a nap today after a terrible night of sleep last night.

“Maggie - it’s 5.”

“Oh my god. Did I miss my HR call?!”

“Uh. Did you have an HR call?”

“Oh. AM? My call is at 830.” My brain realizes it’s still Sunday.

We managed to empty a lot of boxes over the weekend. Andrea hung pictures and assembled something for our “water closet” to tuck spare rolls of toilet paper - when toilet paper is easier to acquire, I mean.

We have opened boxes and positioned most of them in the appropriate room. We’ve regrouped and come up with a new plan to finish one room at a time.

“Well. We got one room done!” I say triumphantly.

Andrea immediately perks up, “We did?!”

“Yes! The water closet!”

Baby steps.

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