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Weapon of Mass Destruction

Do you remember when George Bush pontificated about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) being stockpiled in Iraq? It turned out, this was not the case (so some people later said Weapons of Mass Deception).  Well, let me tell you. Harry has a WMD: his bladder. He likes to let it loose without warning, even if he JUST went outside. I was thinking that I don’t recall puppies being quite so exhausting and perhaps this was attributable to the fact I was older - which is likely true in part. Andrea reminded me that the last time we had puppies, we would leave our home for the respite of work. Wrigley was older so he had a dog walker and would go to do school at least one day a week. And now? Well…togetherness.

On Friday, after attempting to make a dent in our laundry, we headed to the cottage. The weather has cooled to the point that I fear it may be time to pack away my flip flops and capris. While driving in the area near the cottage yesterday, I saw a small group of pre-teens riding bikes - one was wearing a Bruins jersey and I wondered how they happened - if he had a tie to Massachusetts. I had booked and rebooked a massage several times over due to work travel and illness but got the massage on Saturday. The woman was one of those women who is exceedingly kind and you kind of want to follow her home and lie down on her couch because she tells you nice things in a way that you believe her. She talked about the book Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros and how everyone’s talking about her 2nd book. The book apparently has dragons in it so it doesn’t sound like my type of book but the massage therapist spoke of it so warmly and said, “Isn’t it great that people are reading books?!” That I added it to my to read list.

Recently, I discovered a book in the little library outside our home that had once belonged to the library in my mom’s town, Downers Grove, IL. It turns out that this book, When the Stars Go Dark, was one that has been on my to read list a long time so I’m reading that now.

Lately, the narrator in my head has had a lot to say which made me think about Twitter for 2 minutes before remembering it’s now “X” and I cannot be on a platform owned by Elon Musk because he’s a complete tool. Still - what to do with those snippets for writing that come unbidden? I guess I could jot them down like other writers do. I think I need to write more in 2024. I am starting a list of things I want to do in 2024 & encouraged Andrea to do the same. I figure we can have a hers, hers, & ours list. Author and podcaster Gretchen Rubin would frame this as a “24 for 24” list - 24 seems ambitious but I’ll think about it.

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