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Weird & Fascinating

The first birthday greeting I received this year was in the form of a postcard from my chiropractor.

Yesterday, while walking into the hardware store with Andrea, I excitedly pointed at the firewood and said, “That’s a great price for firewood!” Andrea burst out laughing.

“What?!” I asked. “Ah.  Welcome to 48.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” Andrea said, still laughing.

It was a great price for firewood.

I like having my birthday in September - the fall.  It feels like a head start on the new year - the new year of me.  This morning, Andrea reminded me of the twist and turns the past 365 days have taken me on.  Truth be told, didn’t see most of them coming.  I’m fortunate, I know this.  This week, a former work colleague from decades ago, when we were both in our 20s, died suddenly, at age 46 - reminding me how fortunate I am to be alive and well, in spite of my close, personal relationship with my chiropractor.

As birthdays go, this one was perfect.  Initially, I woke up way too early and Andrea talked sense into me so I fell asleep for another 2 hours.  Then, Andrea and I went to brunch, had a fun drink at a coffee shop we hadn’t been to before and then checked out a new to us resale shop.

I like to find the creepiest & potentially haunted items - ala Brady Brunch when Greg wears the haunted idol Bobby gives him and then damn near drowns in the surfing contest. This too, is 48.

The things that find their way into resale shops are interesting and sad.  Today, a photo frame with slots for three photos hung on a wall with the photos still inside.  Presumably of a family.  What happened? Did the frame just get tossed in a box and find it’s way to a resale shop? There are always old photos for sale - today, we came across some old mugshots.  We found someone’s book to track their learnings from elementary school - it was completely blank.  I found this but couldn’t make any sense of the writing inside.

Andrea and I were looking for a set of cereal type bowls for the cottage but we didn’t find any.  Instead we came home with a small, perpetual calendar.  I don’t know how old it is but it was cool.  We also brought home some weird and fascinating slides from The Cleveland Clinic. Then, I watched a few episodes of Dahmer on Netflix. Andrea was going to watch then sat it out after hearing someone had nightmares after watching. When Dahmer was arrested, I lived with my parents in a far flung Chicago suburb. I remember Dahmer being on the news a lot following his July 1991 arrest. For me, it was the summer before my senior year of high school and and I thought Dahmer's hair was particularly greasy. It seemed hard to reconcile that weirdo with what was schlepped out of his apartment. Which is probably how he got away with this shit as long as he did. I'm primarily watching out of my devotion to Ryan Murphy (Director) & Evan Peters (playing Dahmer). So far, I'm not disappointed.

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