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Today is Jeanette’s heavenly birthday. If she was her with us, like she should be and would be if life were remotely fair, she’d be 48. But, life isn’t fair so she’s been gone 12 years.

I started today strong in a good, productive mood but both the good and productive have fizzled. I went to the dentist last week and described the strange, but not painful, feeling in my lower tooth. But now it is painful and swollen. I’m hoping this mysteriously blows over just as mysterious as it came. I think I have plantar fasciitis too - in my foot, obs not my mouth. I diagnosed this with a friend over texting. She had it before and “losing weight helped”.  Why is it always this? Why can’t it be “oh yeah - why helped me was eating chocolate!”  I know, I know. Weight loss is the key to a lot of things - I mean, I don’t want to get too little or else the HVAC will think I’m weak.

In spite of my tooth situation and hobbling about, we finished organizing our closet. Of course, this means we now have to organize our dresser. And so it goes….on and on. Organizing and purging “stuff” is on my 24 for ‘24 list so I’m getting a head start. Check this closet out - it's a beaut! I still own too many coats and jackets than one needs when living in Richmond. But I own less. Progress, not perfection.

I had asked Andrea if I should put a writing goal on my list and she said, “No. That stresses you out.” Which is true. While I did finish editing my book and got it to publication in 2023, it was a lot. More than I’d anticipated. 2023 was a lot…more than I’d anticipated.

We went to Wegman’s today and it was almost as crazy as it was when we went the Friday before Christmas. Maybe it’s always crazy - we don’t go that often. In fact, I don’t think we went all year until the holiday season.

I signed up for a 5-week “digital detox” through a local org and that gets underway tomorrow, so if you don’t hear from me, it’s working.

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